Why We Love Ragdoll Cats

Easily recognizable by their blue eyes and colorpoint coat, the ragdoll cats are a unique breed of cat that was introduced in the 1960s. Featuring soft and silky coats, this breed of cat is particularly affectionate, making them the perfect pets. Young girlsRagdoll_Blue_Eyes_Cat especially take to these affectionate creatures, which makes them the ideal companion.

American cat breeder Ann Baker developed this breed of cat in the 1960s. She used her special skills as an experienced cat breeder to deliberately form a new breed of cat that had a particularly sweet nature. This is one of the largest types of domestic cat, generally weighing between 8 pounds and 15 pounds.

The name ragdoll was given to the breed because of a particular character trait. When the cats are picked up, they tend to relax completely and go limp. This makes them ideal for cuddling, and parents who have young children can rest assured that their kids will be able to interact with their pet without any problems.

While these felines make the perfect pets, people who are considering purchasing a ragdoll cat will need to consider their environment first. Make sure that your home is large enough for a cat to roam around freely. People who live in apartments will also want to consider whether there is a nearby garden for the cat to roam in.

It is also important to take the time to cat-proof your home. Breakable items such as glassware should be put well out of reach. Would be cat owners will also need to lock away items such as bleach, laundry soap and medication that can cause your new cat harm if swallowed.

Ragdoll cats have a very playful nature and love to get into mischief whenever possible. Playing with your cat is a great way to bond with them and exercise. While there are lots of special cat toys available, these felines will play with almost anything, from pieces of string to shower curtain rings.