French Bulldogs Make Great Pets

The French Bulldog was established in the 19th century in the city of Nottingham in England and is closely related to the English Bulldog. However, this breed is significantly smaller than the bulldog and is often referred to as a toy bulldog. This is the perfect pet for people who love the commanding stature of the bulldog but have limited space inside their home.

The Breefrench-bulldog-277255_960_720d’s Personality

The French Bulldog has a gentle nature that makes it the perfect pet. The breed loves to play and is very affectionate. In particular, the French Bulldog enjoys interacting with children, which makes this the perfect dog for families. Despite
the fact that this is a small breed of dog, it does not tend to bark easily and its personality is funny and entertaining. People who regularly entertain guests in their home will find that the breed is friendly towards strangers and in fact its affectionate nature means that it can become distressed if it is left alone for too long.

Living Conditions

People who live in a condo will find that French Bulldogs are happy to spend time indoors in small spaces and are active in the home. It should be noted that the breed has problems with extreme heat or cold and should not sleep outdoors.

Exercise and Care

As with most dogs, this breed should be taken for a long walk at least once a day so that it can socialize with other animals. However, the French Bulldog is not a good swimmer and owners should keep a watchful eye if spending time close to water. The breed tends to have a lot of energy and can become withdrawn if it is forced to spend too much time indoors and it has enough power to run around for many hours at a time.