Florida’s Best Animal Attractions

The sunshine state of Florida is a great place to spend a family vacation and people travel here from all around the world. Families that have a love for animals will find lots of great attractions here that are sure to keep the little ones amused and entertained. Here is a selection of the best animal attractions in Florida to check out:

Merritt IRefugeSignsland Wildlife Refuge

Take a trip to Titusville to visit this impressive animal refuge. The Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge is home to a large number of endangered animals that live in swamps and marshes rather than being kept in cages. In addition to admiring the animals in their natural environment, visitors will have the chance to take part in a range of activities here like kayaking.

Sea World

This attraction has long been a family favorite and offers visitors the chance to get close and personal with a range of aquatic creatures. The attraction is located in Orlando and among the animals that can be seen here are dolphins, seals and sea lions, while there is also a collection of wild rides here for people of all ages to enjoy.

Jungle Island

People who want the chance to walk among the animals in Miami will find more than three thousand creatures to interact with on Jungle Island, including a large number of colorful parrots. Young children are sure to have fun at the petting zoos, while other attractions here include interactive safaris and educational animal shows.

Discovery Cove

Anyone who has been dreaming about swimming with dolphins will want to make sure that they head straight to Discovery Cove. There are also lots of other aquatic activities that are just waiting to be enjoyed here such ad snorkeling through coral reefs to admire shoals of tropical fish.