Five reasons to study in the US right now

There are plenty of reasons to study abroad in the US. But if you’re considering this option, these 5 reasons should definitely be top of mind:

  1. Home of the top universities in the world, especially in technical fields like Engineering and Computer Science. This means studying at the very place innovation happens, and almost living in the future.
  2. Programs are flexible, of course there are some core courses to each major, but other than that you get to build your degree based on your course preferences, with no small amount of help from the school’s faculty and staff. Plus you do need the department’s approval of your choices, to make sure you’re fulfilling all the degree-seeking requisites.
  3. Optional Practical Training (OPT) – is probably the most important reason, more so if you wish to stay in the US with a work visa, OPT is one of the gateways to building a career in the US; giving students the opportunity to put to practice the knowledge and skills they acquired while in school.
  4. The Campus Life Experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy, make friends, grow your network, try out different clubs and activities, and to meet people from all around the world.
  5. US Degrees are highly reputable all around the world, so even if you decide to move on from the US, you’ll find having a US degree and being part of the alumni of a US University will open doors you couldn’t even see before.