About the Belgian Shepherd Dog

The Belgian Shepherd is often called the Belgian Sheepdog and is easily recognized by its large and well muscled body that is tightly covered. This is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the UK and North America and in fact there are four types of Belgian Shepherd to choose from.

The Origins of the Breed

All of the breeds of Belgian Shepherd are very intelligent and are known to be good at a various different types of tasks. They serve as great companions for disabled people, while this breed is often used by the police force to detect bombs. The breed can also be found working on farms and as the name suggests it is good at herding sheep.

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The Belgian Shepherd is intelligent obedient and has strong instinctively protects its human family as well as the home. This breed needs to be around people for a large amount of time from an early age to stop it from becoming shy or overly sensitive. The Belgian Shepherd responds to commands and rules, although care should be taken to find the balance between being fi
rm and too harsh.

Living Conditions

This breed prefers to sleep with humans or other dogs and people who have a large home will quickly discover that the dog likes to have a bed in the home if possible. If a large garden is provided for the dog it will happily spend plenty of time running around outside, although it can easily become restless if it is forced to spend too much time in a small apartment.

Exercise and Care

Owners of this breed should make sure that they walk it at least once a day. Combing and brushing is required on a regular basis as the Belgian Shepherd has a long coat that can get tangled easily.