5 Ways on how to Make Your Dog Creative

Dogs are intelligent creatures. Aside from being loving and fluffy and irresistibly cute, they have also all been bred for specific purposes, some more practically inclined than others, but what they all have in common is that they have a genuine will to learn. It doesn’t take much to get them motivated for almost any kind of task. Whether it’s a hard-working bloodhound or a tricks-mastering poodle, dogs have lots of potential to be creative as well as playful. It’s all a matter of knowing how to bring it out.

shutterstock_55853089Simple tricks to start

All dogs have the potential to learn new things and be creative, but it’s still best to start small. Teaching a dog basic tricks and giving them mental stimulation can help open their mind to more complex tasks and new approaches. For instance, “sit” is the most basic command, as well as calling your dog to you – through these simple tasks, the dog becomes more alert and attentive, eager to see what comes next. Another way to make your dog more creative is to have it track. Hide treats around the house and have your dog search for them, encouraging independent thinking. Visit theschoolcreativecentre.co.uk for more information on creativity.

Encouragement and Challenges

Challenge your dog; by posing more difficult tasks, your dog will have to think of more complex solutions in order to solve them. Another way to make your dog more creative is to reward and gently steer them in the right direction, which can do wonders for their focus and help combat distracted behavior. And last, but not least, encourage them when they get something right – they’ll try harder to be more original and impressive in order to make you happy, and enjoying the time together with your dog is what is most important for both of you.